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Kampf um Rom -Das Brettspiel

"There are some interesting mechanisms, which cleverly

simulate the historical circumstances.  There is grumbling at the

devastation caused by the catastrophes in the first few turns, but such is

a good way to simulate the havoc and destruction in the late empire, and

the randomness involved in the catastrophes in effect helps set up a

different game each time.  We quickly came to appreciate that in terms of

units the game is on a tight budget and one must carefully consider how to

use those few units to get cards each turn (no one has as yet obtained the

advances necessary for population growth).  Like some other games one must

also keep in mind that taking territory is what matters (in order to play

cards) and that holding territory and building a permanent position on the

map is unimportant; some gamers have trouble with territory/conflict games

like this.  Tying the victory points to the cultural advances, which in

turn require the play of cards, which requires attacking opponents, is an

excellent way of simulating the constant warfare and shifting political

units of the period.  Many gamers are uncomfortable with this sort of

totally fluid situation and prefer more stable empire building, but I

believe this is a good simulation of a very fluid period in history.

Adding the cultural advances allows for some progress in the long run,

another good simulation of the actual history.  We are still plodding

along, getting used to the rules and still debating some of them, but I

can see that with experienced players this should be a relatively fast

game.  With relatively simple rules you manage to produce a decent

simulation with both conflict on the board and civilization-type

developments, combining a "squeeze the most out of the current situation"

type game (earning the right to play cards) with a "plan for the long

term" type game (choosing your advances).  You don't have a lot to do on

your turn, but there are many careful decisions that have to be made to

take maximum advantage of the situation on your turn.  A good game that is

not for everybody, but we  like it." 

Quintus Quackus Duckus (known as Ducknar among the Germans)

i.e. Richard Berthold ass. prof. emeritus at the University of New Mexico

Das Brettspiel KAMPF UM ROM ist vergriffen. Eine Neuauflage ist nicht mehr vorgesehen. Spielmaterial ohne Schachtel auf Anfrage erhältlich.